Some of you may have heard about this before on Youtube. Even if you have, keep reading.

Kristie Tunick was only 29 when she became horribly sick. She is paralyzed all over her body. She may no longer use her eyes, tongue, and every other part of her. She is still able to speak. In an interveiw with 20/20, she says that it feels like her body is being crushed 24/7. She constantly blacks out and sometimes stops breathing.The worst part? She only has 3 weeks to live.

Please help her. She is engaged and wants to live a long and happy life. Send this video to all of your friends and family. Post it on sites, facebook, youtube, myspace, anything! Help save a life.

Avril Lavigne

Well, I have nothing to post so I thought I’d put Avril Songs[The ones without Swearing] Coz greenday Told me she likes Avril Lavigne 😀


[P.S If it is’;nt working click the link.]

Charm: Kitten Toy

Heyy friends! THere is a new charm out in Skytown Skatepark! You can charge up the canon in Presto’s Edge to get there 🙂

Kitten Toy charm is located in Skytown Skatepark

Have funn!!!!!!!!!


Charm: Junkfood Soda

Hey friends 🙂 I am FINALLY back…I think it was pretty selfish of me to just go cuz i was bored of Dizzywood. Well im back 😀

So there is a new charm in Breakwater Beach. You can get there by your map… It is a bit ahead of the Beach Hut.

Soda Charm In Breakwater Beach

 Have funn friends!!!!


Welcome back Green! I am back 2!


Welcome back green!

Ok so I have some BAD news! I Will be going to Karachi where WordPress I THINK is still bann! So if it IS bann, I want myu workers to post everyday from Sunday[Not EXACTLY everyday]. And whoever does not they r fired but this may not be fair, but I am giving greenday a break 1, coz she used to post ALOT! 2, I am sure she has a lot going! She has bin feeling bad she left us and that thing about her being dead! U guys might think this is a lie  but I PROMISE [SWEAR] I KIND off new Greenday was Alive[No offence green but I did not no someone was hacking ur sis so I thought u were in on it to ;D]

Ok bye!

Silv teh Awsm 1


Heyy friends! Greenday26 here! OKay Lol! So many things to say! First of all whoever posted that i died should stop. Just cuz i dont go on my blog anymore doesnt mean you take advantage of it and start writing all this dumb stuff.

OKay the LOL part is that when i read the “Death” post i was kinda like Okaayyy…. Freakkyy…But when i read the comments i was Laughing My Ass Off! I sware it was funny. TOo much Drama lol!!!! FUNNY!!!!
Ohh and i would like to give SPECIAL credit to Peace24  whos comment made me laugh the hardest 🙂

No i didnt die!

THe Hi part is HEYYY! I HAVENT BEEN ON HERE IN A WHILE AND I KINDA DONT REALLY KNOW WHATS GOING ON…SO COMMENT AND TELL ME ABOUT HOW LIFE IN DIZZYWOOD IS, HOW YOUR BLOGS ARE GOING.  I really miss you guys. DIzzywood sukks and i dont play anymore…It sukks ….You all should try this game called Runescape! ITs awesoem….Well its atleast better than Dizzywood. Still I miss you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A FREAKEN LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im so sory to all the people who added me as authors because i dont post. XD

Well yah

I think that MAYBE that i might just start writing weird stuff and this blog. nothng related to dizzywood. Just like gossip and yah. Atleast i will talk to you…



P.S I still got my blog posting in me 😀

Breaking news!

Sadly after a terrible inncident, Greenday26 passed away leaving us saddened please if you read this post please stand for a momment of silence… our beloved greenday2 is gone 😦 she died of a terrible car accident!

broke her spine and legs unable to make it to the hospital.